Circle Labs Amplifiers


We are excited to offer our customers high-end audio equipment from Circle Labs, a company known for its exceptional design and sound quality. Our Circle Labs product line features three exceptional products: the A200 Integrated Amplifier, P300 Preamplifier, and M200 Power Amplifier.

Premium Amplifiers by Circle Labs

M200 Power Amplifier

The M200 is a versatile stereo power amplifier that can also work as a monoblock in fully balanced mode. It boasts a voltage amplification provided by Siemens NOS triodes and Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors. The power stages use the proprietary Circle Power circuit that delivers high power and high current applications. The M200 is designed to combine the sound of single-ended amplifiers with the dynamics and bass control of solid-state amplifiers.

A200 Integrated Amplifier

The Circle Labs A200 is the flagship integrated amplifier from Circle Labs. It boasts a hybrid design that offers a power output of 120W/8Ω and 200W/4Ω. Equipped with a balanced XLR input, four pairs of RCA inputs, and a direct power amplifier input that bypasses the preamplifier, this amplifier is designed to deliver the highest possible precision and long-term durability.

P300 Preamplifier

The P300 preamplifier is a fully balanced design with the shortest possible signal path and minimal inner cabling length. It was created with the idea of a preamplifier that is truly neutral to the signal, with no coloration or distortion. The P300 preamplifier comes with an aluminum remote for easy control, and the power supply is specially designed for low noise and high stability.

Circle Labs Amplifiers