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M200 Power Amplifier

The M200 is a versatile stereo power amplifier that can also work as a monoblock in fully balanced mode. It boasts a voltage amplification provided by Siemens NOS triodes and Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors. The power stages use the proprietary Circle Power circuit that delivers high power and high current applications. The M200 is designed to combine the sound of single-ended amplifiers with the dynamics and bass control of solid-state amplifiers.


Circle Labs M200 Power Amplifier

The M200 is a 160W/8ohm and 300W/4ohm stereo amplifier that can also work as a fully balanced monoblock with a power of 600W/8ohm and 930W/4ohm. It uses a NOS triode manufactured by Siemens from the 1960s, carefully selected for the voltage amplification path. The pre-stage has fixed polarity, consisting of only one tube, one resistor, and one top-grade Mundorf silver-gold signal capacitor, which allows for the shortest signal path with the best parameters.

The Circle Power current stages are designed to maintain high efficiency and power while combining the detail and timbre of SE amplifiers with the bass control of high-efficiency amplifiers. The M200’s current stages use the most high-current bipolar transistors produced by Sanken, providing greater dynamics, speaker control, and ultra-wide frequency response.

The power amplifier is built in a dual-mono topology, with separate toroidal transformers for each channel and independent power paths. The power supply uses capacitors adapted to work with high currents, with a capacity of 200,000 µF. The WBT nextgen series sockets are responsible for sending the signal to the speakers.

Technical Specifications

Circle Labs M200 Power Amplifier



Output power
160W/8Ω, 300W/4Ω (stereo mode)
600W/8Ω, 930W/4Ω (monoblock mode)
Frequency response
2Hz-1MHz (-3dB)
0.85V (full power)
35 dB
Input impedance
100 kΩ
430 x 355 x 178 mm
20 kg

The M200 has an output power of 160W/8Ω and 300W/4Ω in stereo mode and 600W/8Ω and 930W/4Ω in monoblock mode. Its frequency response ranges from 2Hz to 1MHz (-3dB), and its sensitivity is 0.85V (full power). It has a gain of 35 dB and an input impedance of 100 kΩ. The M200 measures 430x355x178mm and weighs 20 kg.

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