Doshi Jhor Tube Monoblocks

For sale we have a very nice pair of Doshi Audio Jhor 160 watt Monoblock amplifiers. This pair has had extensive upgrades done by Nick Doshi and they sound amazing. Over $3800 in upgrades done to them. They are without a doubt one of the best sounding big power push pull tube amplifiers we have heard. They are very musical with sweet high’s and thunderous bass. They are incredibly transparent, quiet and really attack your emotions. Can use KT 88, KT 120 and KT 150 tubes. Partial trades may be considered. Amplifiers will be shipped freight on a pallet, shrink wrapped and banded. Retail:  $35000.
Asking $12000.
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Thrax Audio, Teres 250 watt tube hybrid monoblocks

We are selling this beautiful pair of Thrax Audio Teres 250 Watt Hybrid mono block amplifiers. This pair is a customer trade in who recently traded them back into us and upgraded to the Thrax Audio Spartacus Monoblocks. They are in like new condition and work and sound flawless. These are amazing amplifiers. They are incredibly musical, dynamic,fast and natural sounding. please see technical data below.

Teres is based on the architecture of Spartacus. Single ended tube input stage loaded with a phase splitting transformer controlling 2 separate single ended amplifiers out of phase for output. Tube clarity and tone with might and power. Unusual but true..

The C3g tube handles all the voltage gain needed. It uses a new generation or our choke rectified shunt regulated power supply. providing a stable noise free operating point.

The output stages power JFET cascodes form a bridge that when unbalanced by the input signal via the 2 transformer windings restores balance by adjusting their current conduction trough the load. The 2 output stages actually enclose the load in their control loops and try to correct each others errors reducing the distortion to negligible amounts. Leaving only the “character” of the input stage.

To reduce the amount of heat generated the amplifier is biased so only the first few watts are in true class A. Music has a crest factor of 10 on average. This means that most of the time we listen with 1/10th of the peak levels. For most users this translates to under 5W. Peaks could reach over 100watts during playback, but only for few milliseconds. For those peaks the amplifier switches to class B using only one leg of the output stage capable to deliver up to 250W/8ohm and 350w/4ohm.

Not sharing a common reference point apart from the load itself makes the second leg correct for any error produced by the first one. Result is an amplifier capable of extreme power wile delivering exquisite smoothness and low level resolution.

The driver stage is isolated by the interstage transformer and is not influenced in any way by the output stage maintaining tone colour and resolution at all powers and loads.

Having the output stages floating around the load prompted for the use of a unique biasing technique powered by solar cells. This was the quietest galvanically isolated power we could come up with. Using opto-electrical conversion we control the bias by adjusting light intensity in the control circuit.

Teres is an example of modern technology solving age old problems allowing us to go a step beyond.

The physical appearance of Teres is typical Thrax understated elegance. Exquisite finishing ads to the presentation of a solid block of metal like a bigger brother of Heros.

– Tube amplifier architecture with simplest signal path – Transformer coupling of stages
– Special grade screened power transformer – Jfet/Mosfet cascode output devices – Silicon carbide rectifiers – Microprocessor control – Audiophile super long life C3g Input tube
– Shunt regulated power supply
– Solar cell bias of Output stage
– Battery bias of Input stage – Both RCA and XLR inputs – Compact chassis built like a elegant tank – 250W/8Ohm 350W/4Ohm – Zero feedback design
– Finish: Silver anodized aluminum: Retail:  $29800. Asking $16200 usd . For more info please feel free to contact us at Audio Limits Phone: (702)299-0567 website.

Thrax Audio Hero’s 100 watt Pure Class A tube Hybrid/Jfet monoblocks

Up for grabs we have an amazing pair of amplifiers. DETAILED Info here:

these are the Thrax Audio Hero’s 100 watt Pure Class A mono blocks. They are a Tube Hybrid, Jfet/Mosfet amplifier. They are so good. One of our favorite all time amps and replaced our FM Acoustics 811 MKII amplifier. We have two pairs and it’s time to sell one of them off. They feature a 5687 input tube, so tube rolling is a breeze with so many NOS available out there. It will also except 7119 and 7044 tubes, it is fully balanced and transformer coupled both the input stage and the output stage which is unseen out there in an amplifier with a solid state output stage. This is only common in Tube Circuits. But Thrax figure out how to make a tube circuit with solid state output and tube input. This is what makes these amplifiers so magical, musical, and natural. The upper end is sweet and full bodied with midrange like to 300b and the bass is strong and fast like an old school Krell. These amplifier don’t come up on the used market very often so this is your chance. Please give us a call if you have questions. We also have the more powerful Thrax Audio Teres mono blocks available as well. 

Asking Price:
USD $17600.00
Retail Price: USD $33600.00

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Silversmith Audio Speaker Cables 8ft

Silversmith Audio Silver Ribbon Speaker cables. These have served as our Reference Speaker Cables for many years. They have always been one of the best sounding speaker cables we have heard. We showed for years with Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams and Vac, Venture Audio and Thrax. We have A/B these cables to others costing 4 times their price and the Silversmith always came out on top. It’s time to let them go. If interested please contact us at Audio Limits. (702)299-0567 or au*********@fa******.fm 

Asking Price:
USD $750.00
Retail Price: USD $2950.00