“Betcha you can’t listen

to just one song” !


At Audiolimits we measure the value of sound by how it benefits our feelings and emotions. It’s about the enjoyment that can be achieved when listening to your favorite CD, LP, or music server with the highest level of high-end audio equipment.

Because in this new era, with the use of portable music players and
Smartphones, high-end audio for the home is not as well known as it has been in the past. At Audiolimits, our goal is to reach out to those that haven’t experienced high-end audio or, to that audiophile who wants to upgrade their system.

With over 20 years of high-end audio experience and our continued dedication and passion for high-end audio, we feel the products we carry are the best the industry has to offer.

Destination Audio GM 70 Special Edition Single Ended Tube Integrated Amplifier

Experience unparalleled audio clarity and power with the Destination Audio GM 70 Special Edition. This single-ended tube integrated amplifier combines vintage charm with modern innovation, delivering a rich and immersive sound that audiophiles crave. Elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Eggleston Viginti Speaker

Introducing the Eggleston Viginti – a masterpiece of audio engineering and design. Celebrating 20 years of excellence, these speakers deliver precision, depth, and a full spectrum of sound to satisfy even the most discerning audiophile. Immerse yourself in audio perfection.

Destination Audio WE 417A

“The Destination Audio WE 417A Phono Stage is not just any piece of audio equipment; it is the result of painstaking engineering and a passion for pristine sound quality. As noted by Marek Dyba of Hi-Fi Knights, ‘The tested phono stage did an incredible job in terms of surrounding me with a huge, open space filled with air that created a magical background for the beautiful musical story. The performance turned out to be… pure magic.’ This description not only captures the exceptional audio fidelity of the WE 417A but also its ability to transform any listening experience into something truly extraordinary.”

Destination Audio Nika Speaker

Discover the Destination Audio Nika, a speaker that embodies sonic excellence and aesthetic elegance. Crafted for audiophiles, the Nika delivers a breathtaking audio experience, with crystal-clear highs, robust mids, and deep, resonant lows. Transform your listening space into an auditorium of pure sound.

GM70 tube Reference integrated amplifier

Experience the ultimate in audio amplification with the Reference Integrated Amplifier from Destination Audio. With a powerful GM70 tube, purpose-wound transformers, and unparalleled attention to detail, this amplifier delivers a rich and detailed sound that will leave you in awe.

Circle Labs A200

The A200 is a hybrid integrated amplifier that offers power output of 120W/8Ω, 200W/4Ω and is equipped with a balanced XLR input, four pairs of RCA inputs and a direct power amplifier input that bypasses the preamplifier.

Silversmith Fidelium Cables

Silversmith Audio’s FIDELIUM speaker cables. A complete stereo set of FIDELIUM speaker cable is available in lengths and prices from 4ft at $795 to 10ft at $1395.


The R 3 Series is a compact speaker line based on a mixture of evolution and new inventions. All that we believe a pair of floor standing speakers should ever deliver, the R 3 does to perfection. As for wife acceptance factor, the R 3 series ranks high. $5500. – $9999.


Audiovector Speakers

  • Concert Fidelity LSX2 V3.5 Preamp
  • Doshi Audio Jhor Tube Monoblocks
  • Antipodes DX Music Server
  • Weiss Engineering DAC 502
  • Thra Enyo Integrated Amplifier
  • Hemingway Beta Cables
  • Hemingway Cables

Acapella LA Campanile MKII

  • Lector Digidrive Transport
  • Lector Digicode D/A Converter
  • Genesis i60 Integrated Tube Amplifier
  • Genesis M60 Monoblocks

Genesis 201 Speakers

  • FM Acoustics 111 Monoblocks
  • FM Acoustics 611x Amplifier
  • FM Acoustics 245 Preamplifier
  • Bremen No1 DA Converter
  • CEC Transport

YG Acoustics Anat Reference

  • FM Acoustics 811 MKII
  • FM Acoustics 245 Preamplifier
  • Weiss Engineering Jason Transport
  • Weiss Engineering Medea + DAC
  • Isotek Power Conditioners

Venture Grand Ultimate

  • FM Acoustics 115 Monoblocks
  • FM Acoustics 245 Preamplifier
  • Weiss Engineering Jason Transport
  • Weiss Engineering Medea+ DAC

Acapella High Violin Cello

  • FM Acoustics 245 Preamplifier
  • FM Acoustics 711 Amplifier
  • Weiss Engineering Jason Transport
  • Weiss Engineering Medea + D/A Converter

Innersound Electrostat Speakers

  • Innersound Monoblock Amplifiers
  • Innersound Preamplifier
  • Audio Note DAC 4.1x
  • Audio Note CD2 Transport

Acapella High Violin MKII

  • Einstein The Tube Preamplifier
  • Einstein 60Watt OTL Monoblocks
  • Bluenote Stibbert CD Player
  • Genesis M60 Monoblocks

Genesis 201 Speakers

  • Oasis S200 Amplifiers
  • CEC TL1x Transport
  • Tom Evans Audio Vibe Preamplifer
  • Bremen No 1 D/A Converter

Chario Sovereign

  • Manley Classic 250 Monoblocks
  • Manley Shrimp Preamplifier
  • Weiss DAC 202

Flex Speakers

  • Red Rock Audio Tube Monoblocks
  • FM Acoustics 611x Amplifier
  • Transrotor Turntable

Genesis 5.3

  • Sim Audio Supernova CD Player
  • Sim Audio i7 Integrated Amplifier
  • Genesis Monoblock Amplifiers
  • Transrotor Turntable

Nearfield Pipedreams

  • Oasis S200 Class A Monoblocks
  • Audio Note M8 Preamplifier
  • Nordic Reference TT
  • Audio Note CDT 2
  • Audio Note DAC 5 Signiture

Acapella High Campanile MKII

  • FM Acoustics 811 MKII Amplifiers
  • FM Acoustics 115 Monoblocks
  • FM Acoustics 245 Preamplifier
  • Weiss Engineering Jason Transport
  • Weiss Medea + D/A Converter

Audio Note ANE SEC Speakers

  • Audio Note Kegon Tube Monoblocks
  • Audio Note M8 Preamplifier
  • Audio Note DAC 5 Signiture
  • Audio Note CD 2 Transport
  • Audio Note M2 Preamplifier

Genesis 501 Speakers

  • Oasis S200 Monoblocks
  • Lector Digidrive 
  • Lector Digicode DAC
  • Tom Evans Vibe Preamplifier
  • Tom Evans Groove + Phono
  • Transrotor Turntable

Acapella High Campanile

  • FM Acoustics 711 Amplifier
  • FM Acoustics 245 Preamplifier
  • Forsell Airforce One Turntable
  • FM Acoustics 122 Phono

JBL Everest Speakers

  • Manley Labs Classic 250 Tube Monoblocks
  • Manley 300b Preamplifier
  • Sim Audio Eclipse CD Player

Reference 3A Speakers

  • Audio Nots M3.1x Preamplifier
  • CDT Zero Transport and DAC
  • Audio Note Qwest Silver Signitures

Venture Ultimate Speakers

  • Thrax Spartacus 520B Monoblocks
  • Thrax Dionysos Preamplifier
  • Weiss 301 Server With Dac 202

JBL1400 Array Speakers

  • Manley Labs Snapper Monoblocks 
  • Manley Labs Shrimp Preamplifier
  • Goldenote Koala CD Player

Dali Megaline Speakers

  • Burmester 036 Amplifiers
  • Audio Valve Eclipse Preamplifier
  • Goldenote Koala CD Player