Tom Evans MicroGroove+ X  MKII Phono

The Tom Evans Audio Design Micro Groove+ X mkII

This is the first unit in the range to come equipped with our now famous Lithos regulator technology for an ultra low noise floor that enables the macrodynamic of your recordings to be revealed like never before. The incredibly low noise floor out performs almost every other phono stage in the World today and is therefore theoretically capable of twice the dynamic range than a CD.

All of our range now come with selectable dip switches to give you a choice of 5 cartridge loading resistances per channel. 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 ohm are selectable, and if you require a custom load then please let us know.

The gain is set for an optimum level to suit most current cartridges of 0.2mv to 0.6mv Other gains can be catered for upon request.

Such is the advancement in this improved version of the MicroGroove+, that it will now out perform previous much higher cost mark1 versions of our own phono stages!

Tom Evans Microgroove+X MKII