Legacy Expression 

Expression is a unique speaker that bridges the gap between the audiophile and the home theater enthusiast.

For the audiophile we are offering a precision ribbon tweeter for airy, spacious highs.  Dual cast frame  8″ woofers utilize the same silver/graphite cone technology as the renowned Focus SE.

For the home theater lover, we offer unique dynamic range, great clarity for voices and very low distortion.

– Premium quality handcrafted Legacy finish
– Powerful Neodymium magnets and cast frame drivers
– Polished black chrome feet
– Biamp capable binding posts

And the same clear, impact-filled performance character that is Legacy.
Introducing the new Legacy Expression.

Product Reviews

Legacy Expression “Is a Stellar Sound, Serious Entry Tower” Speaker
Best of Show Awarded to Legacy Expression, Silverscreen HD, Phantom HD and Metro
Expression is “Perfect Option” in High Definition Review
Product Manual Download (2 MB)
Application: Compact tower for audio or home theater
System Type: 3 driver, 2.5 way
Tweeter: 1″ spiral neo ribbon
Midwoofer: 8″ Silver / Graphite woven diaphragm, cast basket, phase compensation plug
Bass: 8″ Silver / Graphite woven diaphragm, cast basket, phase compensation plug
Low Frequency Alignment: Assisted 5th order, Butterworth front ported
Inputs: 2 pair binding post for Treble and Bass
Recommended Amplification: 15-250 watts
Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB): 38-22k
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 94 dB (2.83V @ 1m)
Crossover Freq. (Hz): 500, 3k
Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 38.5 x 10.75 x 10.75
Weight: 68 lbs each
Shipping Weight: 97 lbs each
Legacy Expression