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The world’s first Hemingway cable, which controls the world’s only magnetic field and utilizes it as energy. It’s the highest quality of any high-end cable in the world

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All of Hemingway’s signal cables and power cords employ a technology, patented in South Korea, called Frequency Modulation Cavity Fundamentals (FMCF). Developed over a thirteen-year period, this technology is said to address cable-based RFI and EMI fields by converting them into magnetic energy via a spherical gold-plated network device that is fitted near one of a cable’s or power cord’s connectors. The conversion of these fields is claimed to alter the conductor’s resistance and dramatically reduce noise and sonic artifacts.

The magnetic energy created by FMCF can be manipulated, and the sonic characteristics of the cable or power cord (e.g., pitch, soundstage size, resolution, and dynamics) altered, by varying certain aspects of its geometry, such as the gauge, composition, and arrangement of the conductors and the design of the dielectrics, shields, and other layers that are arranged around them.

More specifically, depending on the Z-cord power cord model, each cord’s inner core consists of between 30 and 60 copper conductors. Also depending upon the model, some of these conductors are stranded while others are solid-core. Surprisingly, the copper that is used for the conductors is not oxygen-free since such copper does not work well with the Hemingway technologies. The conductors are placed within a five-way system. This means that they are of five different thicknesses, the arrangement of which also contributes towards the differences between the Z-core models. Each conductor is fitted with an insulating layer of either Teflon, rubber, or nylon.

Once each power cord’s conductors and their insulators are selected, their ends are twisted into various Z-shaped patterns, with each end ultimately wound a predetermined number of times in opposing directions, hence the Z-core name. The Hemingway cables and power cords can be a little stiff, a characteristic that is said to protect their geometric integrity. If the cords are subject to excessive pressure, he states, their geometries, and thus the cable’s or cord’s sound characteristics can be altered.

Placed over the insulated conductors, are the aforementioned model-specific arrangement of dielectrics, shields, and other layers, which are numerous, varied in thickness and made of solicon, rubber, urethane, and Teflon. Encasing the entire internal geometry on each cord is a nylon mesh jacket.

Fitted on the Z-core power cords exteriors, about seven inches from the male connector is the FMCF network device. The final step in the Z-core power cords’ production is to attach the connectors, which are manufactured by a third-party vendor. The copper pins of the male connectors are plated by layers of chromium, platinum, and gold.

All Hemingway cables come with a five-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.








Balanced (RCA,XLR) /Speaker/Power


Copper, Silver- Gold

Insulation Outer Shield

Teflon, Urethane, Silicon, Nylon Net





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Transmission System



Speaker Cable

3 M


1.5 M

Power Cord

2 M

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