Enklein Xerxes

Enklein XerXes Cable: Redefining High-Fidelity Audio

Enklein Xerxes

Enklein Enklein Xerxes

Discover the pinnacle of audio technology with the Enklein XerXes. This high-fidelity audio cable is a result of three years of dedicated psychoacoustic research, designed to elevate your listening experience to new heights.

Product Specifications for Enklein Xerxes

  • Connector Type: Silver conductor with exothermic catalyst termination bond.
  • Cable Length Options: Ranges from 1.25 meters to 3.0 meters, ensuring flexibility for various setups.
  • Pricing: Starts at $4,500 USD for the initial 1.25 meters.

Detailed Overview of Enklein Xerxes

The Enklein XerXes stands apart in the realm of audio cables with its unique approach to sound processing. It retains musical nuances and emotional content, offering an immersive audio experience. Features include a copper eutectic core for strength, a silver signal conduction layer for increased transient velocity, and a design that transforms signal contamination into heat, ensuring purity of sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Enklein Xerxes

  • How does the XerXes improve sound quality? The XerXes enhances audio clarity and detail by focusing on retaining ultra-low-level information in the analog domain.
  • What makes the XerXes unique in its construction? It features unconventional construction with a tiny copper eutectic core and a silver signal conduction layer, designed for both performance and durability.
  • Is the XerXes suitable for professional environments? Yes, its durability and design make it suitable for demanding professional settings as well as home audio systems.
  • What lengths are available for the XerXes? The XerXes is available in lengths ranging from 1.25 to 3.0 meters, catering to different spatial requirements.
EnkleinEnklein Xerxes