Enklein Lydia

Enklein Lydia Cable: The Essence of Audio Perfection

Enklein Lydia

Enklein Enklein Lydia

Step into the world of refined audio with the Enklein Lydia Cable. Born from the innovative David family of products, the Lydia series is a testament to Enklein’s commitment to high-quality audio technology.

Product Specifications for Enklein Lydia

  • Connector Type: Rhodium over copper for most cables, with gold over copper for power cables. All use compression or silver solder termination.
  • Cable Length Options: Ranges from 1.0 meter to 3.0+ meters.
  • Pricing: Starts at $975 USD for the 1.0 meter Analog RCA cable.

Detailed Overview of Enklein Lydia

The Enklein Lydia Cable is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Each conductor is hand-measured and mated to the connector, ensuring precision and quality. The cable’s construction includes a high-temperature flex outer skin and a mu-metal core, significantly reducing EMI radiation and enhancing audio clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Enklein Lydia

  1. How does the Lydia Cable differ from other Enklein products? The Lydia Cable, enriched with Enklein’s advanced technology, offers a unique combination of handcrafted precision and advanced EMI reduction techniques.
  2. What makes the Lydia Cable ideal for high-fidelity audio systems? Its meticulous construction and material selection ensure reduced interference and a purer sound quality, making it ideal for high-fidelity audio systems.
  3. Are custom lengths available for the Lydia Cable? Yes, the Lydia Cable can be obtained in various lengths to suit different audio setups.
  4. Can the Lydia Cable be used in professional recording studios? Absolutely, its design and construction make it suitable for both high-end home audio systems and professional studio environments.
EnkleinEnklein Lydia