Introducing Kiva by EgglestonWorks - A Resounding Symphony of Sound

EgglestonWorks Kiva

At Audio Limits, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Kiva, a product of EgglestonWorks’ commitment to the pursuit of musical truth and freedom from listening fatigue. This speaker is the result of a twenty-year history of crafting the world’s finest studio monitors, combining high resolution with a mellifluous sonic character. The Kiva ensures that accuracy never comes at the expense of listenability.

EgglestonWorks’ design philosophy is to create the absolute best speaker at any given price point. The Kiva is no exception. It’s designed to deliver state-of-the-art sound quality within given parameters of room size, gear, and budget. This approach guarantees that each EgglestonWorks model, including the Kiva, is an exceptional value as well as a superb performer.

Every pair of EgglestonWorks speakers, including the Kiva, is hand-built to order by a team of trained craftsmen. This “Small Batch” production system allows us to tailor each pair of speakers to its owner’s desires and ensures a level of quality control that cannot be achieved in any other way. The result is a finished product designed to exceed its owner’s expectations for a lifetime.

Named in honor of Memphis’ musical heritage, Kiva was a local recording studio co-founded by Eagles alumnus Joe Walsh. It was here that Stevie Ray Vaughn recorded “In Step” and “The Sky is Crying.” The Kiva speaker delivers levels of performance and musicality unmatched at its price.

Product Specifications

The Kiva shares a close resemblance with the Viginti in terms of cabinet design. It features a wall thickness of 1.53″ to 1.79″, constructed of multiple layers of MDF and HDF with aluminum baffle braces. The cross-sectional area of the low-frequency port is optimized to minimize any chuffing or compression issues. The compound woofer design uses 100% acoustic fill, and the modified transmission line midrange loading also uses 100% acoustic fill. Crimped, non-settling Dacron and felt are used throughout.

The Kiva features individual “Quasi-Transmission Line” chambers for each midrange driver, eliminating the problem of internal reflected acoustic energy coming back through the driver diaphragm. The tweeter is a large, soft dome model to provide warmth and long-term listenability combined with enhanced dynamic capabilities.

The dual 7.5-inch woofers in the Kiva are configured in the same manner as the 10-inch woofers in the Viginti. The crossover frequency between the woofers and midrange drivers is 250 Hz. The Helmholtz resonant frequency for the vented woofer cabinet is tuned to a very low 37 Hz, which puts the resulting Group Delay phase shift in a region where our ears are minimally sensitive to phase errors.

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EgglestonWorks Kiva