Concert Fidelity ZL-120 FX Amplifier

We have achieved simplest possible circuitry with minimum number of components, with just two pairs of output MOS-FET’s per monoblock in BTL configuration with no overall NFB, achieving 180 watts @ 8 ohms.

It is a state-of-the-art power amplifier. Sonically pure and transparent. Revealing, yet involving. Transcending the traditional boundaries of vacuum tube and solid state designs.

The ZL-120FX improvements include the use of high quality, Japanese-made DC-DC converters in the input and driver stages, plus revisions in driver stage circuit board(LF-4 V2.0FX) and grounding layout. Unlike linear regulators, the high-tech DC-DC converters provide complete electric isolation between stages, which results in lower noise floor, “blacker” background, and superior reproduction of low-level information.

The ZL-120FX is a combination of the audio circuitry of the power supply section of its bigger brother, the ZL-200(Build-to-order manufacturing).

What this means is that the ZL-120FX is capable of delivering significantly more current when it’s needed. Sonic improvements include more powerful and tighter bass, superior macro dynamics and the ability to drive less efficient loudspeakers with more authority. All this is achieved without compromising the existing virtues of the ZL-120FX—high speed, delicacy and exquisite rendition of details and micro dynamics—owing to its minimalistic design of the audio circuitry based on the BTL architecture with a relatively small number of New MOSFET output devices.

Inputs: RCA only
Input Impedance: 47KΩ
Input Sensitivity: 2V for Rated Power
Power Output: 180W / 8Ω
Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 30KHz (±0dB); 0.5Hz to 100KHz (-0.8dB) @0.125W
Voltage Gain: 20dB
Power Reqiremants: (100VAC / 50~60Hz), 110-120VAC / 60Hz, (220-230VAC / 50Hz), (240VAC / 50Hz)
Power Consumption: 140W (Operation) / 120VAC
Dimensions: 450mm (W) X 150mm (H) X 360mm (D)
Net Weight: approx. 20KG per monoblock

Concert Fidelity ZL-120 Amp