Concert Fidelity SPA-4C FX Phono

Designed as a perfect complement to the CF-080LS Line Stage Preamp. Also realizing Masataka Tsuda’s ideals through circuit simplicity, meticulous care in design and construction, and sonic purity and transparency. Taking full advantage of very rare high quality J-FET’s, in Class A Push Pull configuration. providing up to 50~65dB of gain. Individual phono cartridge matching is achieved precisely through placement of specific input switch, which are custom provisioned according to customer’s desired cartridges. We believe it is destined to become another reference for many discerning audiophiles, critics, and professionals

MC Input: 1-Pair single ended (RCA)
Input Impedance : 35, 50, 100, 200ohm.
Output: 1-Pair single ended (RCA)
Gain: 50-65dB @ 1kHz (RMS)
Phase Polarity: Inverting
Power Reqiremants: (100VAC / 50~60Hz), 110-120VAC / 60Hz, (220-230VAC / 50Hz), (240VAC / 50Hz)
Dimensions: 450mm (W) X 100mm (H) X 310mm (D)
Net Weight: 5.5KG


Concert Fidelity Phono