Concert Fidelity DHS-300B Amplifier

The DHS-300B is an all-tube power amplifier featuring a pair of the WEC 300B type output tube driven by a pair of 6SJ7/6SJ7GT/5693. Rectification is handled by a 5AR4/GZ34. The directly heated triode amp outputs 9 watts/8ohm per channel.

Inputs: Line Level Inputs (RCA single-ended)
Input Impedance: 220kohm (RCA single-ended)
Speaker Outputs: 0-4ohm-8ohm
Tube Complement: 300B (2) for Output, 6SJ7/6SJ7GT/5693 (2) for Driver, 5AR4/GZ34 (1) for rectification
Power Reqiremants: (100VAC / 50~60Hz), 110-120VAC / 60Hz, (220-230VAC / 50Hz), (240VAC / 50Hz)
Dimensions: 450mm (W) X 140mm (H) X 260mm (D)
Net Weight: 11Kg

Concert Fidelity DHS-300B