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Introducing Audible Illusion's

Audible Illusions S150 STEREO AMPLIFIER

Introducing the Audible Illusions S150 Stereo Amplifier, a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional audio equipment. With meticulous research and development, the S150 represents the culmination of our efforts to create an amplifier that stays true to the music. In collaboration with renowned designer John Curl, we have incorporated innovative technologies and achieved remarkable improvements in this amplifier. The S150 is designed to provide the clearest window into the musical performance.

Product Specifications for S150 STEREO AMPLIFIER

  • Circuit Design: Dual Mono, Class A/AB operation
  • Direct Coupled Circuitry with no capacitors in circuit path
  • Separate regulated Driver and Output Stages
  • Separate Driver and 1.2kVA Output Toroid transformers
  • 128,000uf Sagamo main power capacitors
  • 10 matched pairs Sanken, 17amp, 180v bipolar output transistors
  • High-Density Heat Sinks with over 2000 radiating area
  • Regulated, Soft-Start Turn-On Circuit
  • Proprietary Gold-Plated RCA Jacks with Teflon insulators
  • Neutrik XLR connector
  • Dual Heavy-Duty Gold-Plated Speaker Binding Posts

Detailed Overview of S150 STEREO AMPLIFIER

The Audible Illusions S150 Stereo Amplifier is the result of meticulous design and engineering, aiming to deliver uncompromising performance and audio fidelity. Implementing John Curl’s complementary differential design, only the highest-quality discrete components have been employed to ensure exceptional sound reproduction.

The S150 operates in a dual mono configuration, providing separate regulated driver and output stages for each channel. This design enhances channel separation and minimizes crosstalk, allowing for accurate and detailed soundstage imaging. The amplifier features a direct-coupled circuitry, eliminating capacitors in the signal path to preserve signal integrity and transparency.

To ensure robust power delivery, the S150 incorporates separate driver and 1.2kVA output toroid transformers. These transformers provide clean and stable power to the output stage, enabling the amplifier to effortlessly drive a wide range of speaker loads. The amplifier also features high-density heat sinks with over 2000 radiating area, ensuring optimal thermal management and preventing thermal distortion.

The S150 incorporates a regulated, soft-start turn-on circuit to protect the circuit components and prolong the tube life. It also utilizes proprietary gold-plated RCA jacks with Teflon insulators, ensuring reliable and high-quality connections. The Neutrik XLR connector offers balanced input options for enhanced signal transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions about the

What is the circuit design of the S150 Stereo Amplifier?

The S150 features a dual mono circuit design, operating in Class A/AB operation for optimal performance.

Does the amplifier utilize capacitors in the circuit path?

No, the S150 incorporates direct coupled circuitry, eliminating capacitors in the signal path to maintain signal integrity and transparency.

What is the power supply configuration of the S150?

The amplifier includes separate regulated driver and output stages, as well as separate driver and 1.2kVA output toroid transformers, ensuring clean and stable power delivery.

How is the amplifier protected during start-up?

The S150 is equipped with a regulated, soft-start turn-on circuit, providing protection for circuit components and prolonging the tube life.

What type of connectors are used for input and output connections?

The S150 features proprietary gold-plated RCA jacks with Teflon insulators for reliable and high-quality connections. It also includes a Neutrik XLR connector for balanced input options.

Audible IllusionsS150 STEREO AMPLIFIER