Antipodes K10 Ripper

K10 Ripper – USD 700
(excludes the impact of tariffs and local taxes)

The small form factor Antipodes K10 ripper is supplied separately and can be used with any Antipodes music server. Any ripper connected to a music server will have a small negative impact on playback sound quality, so we recommend the ripper is disconnected when not in use. The Antipodes K10 comes with the required USB connecting cable.

The Antipodes K10 will trigger our ripping software to enable high quality auto-ripping at optimised settings. Just place a CD in the tray and close it, and ripping will start automatically. When the CD has been ripped, the tray will open for you to swap it with the next CD. The Antipodes K10 is easily removed when you have finished your ripping session.

The Antipodes K10 is housed in a two-piece casing machined from solid alloy block, providing rock-solid stability for the transport and laser mechanism, and is specified to accurately read pits 100 times smaller than the pits on a CD. The CD ripping software is optimised for accuracy rather than speed – it is worth the wait to do it once and do it right.



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