Acapella Spheron Excalibur


Thoughts are born, ideas are thought through and know-how is taken by us to extremes. We have developed the most innovative technologies, increased efficiency and enhanced the level of performance. And yet, we did not embark upon this path to put knowledge, skills and pioneering spirit in the foreground, but to make this very special feeling even more tangible: the absolute enjoyment of listening to music.

The Sphäron Excalibur is the largest loudspeaker system ever built by Acapella. It sets the standards worldwide and ascends far beyond precision, plasticity and dynamics. Offering 2.30 meter of height and 600 kilograms of weight per speaker, a superlative has emerged in which technology becomes pure emotion.

The room-high four-way speaker features four 18-inch woofers, while the world-renowned ion tweeter takes care of the treble range and the two classic spherical horns on the sword side of the Sphäron Excalibur complete the mid and low frequency band. With just 1 watt of input power, the Sphäron Excalibur demonstrates such power and speed that the adrenaline level is boosted almost instantly.

With the Sphäron Excalibur we give you the promise to always go one step further, to make the technically feasible in an inimitable way come true, to create exceptional speakers for exceptional people and to guarantee sensual experiences of a very special kind.


transmission range 15 Hz – 40 kHz
bass 4 x 18″ driver
low middle frequency 1 x 12″ driver – spherical horn 1050 mm
middle freuquency1 x 2″ driver – sperical horn 580 mm
high frequency plasma tweeter
efficiency 100 dB/1W/1m
impedance 6-8 Ohm
dimensions (hxwxd) without horn2400 x 1660 x 1660 mm
weight 620 kg
capacity aktiv
Price: Sphaeron Excalibur, black acrylic, sword front acrylic mirror, internal wiring ceramic silver $362.000
Acapella SpeakersAcapella Spheron Excalibur