Acapella Fidelio


Timeless and contemporary: With the Fidelio we have realized a mini monitor speaker of extraordinary qualities. It embodies the quintessence of our knowledge of resonance optimization, enclosure design and time-coherency that we have acquired from our big systems. That might sound revolutionary. And it does. Accurate timing and tonal brilliance, supported by true dynamics set out to amaze music lovers as well as music professionals. 

Our little one soars to big heights when it comes to depicting a three-dimensional stage: full of airiness and detail. And it delivers tangible lows that you do not expect because of its slender appearance and beautiful charms.

Due to its compact design, it very much approaches the ideal of a one-point-source. That’s the reason why it plays so homogeneous, so temperamental, so lively. It awakens an incomparable emotional way of listening. This is a feeling that is unbeatable. Right after the first tones, you can’t ever stop listening. When summing up its qualities, it’s on par with its bigger siblings from the Acapella family.


transmission range 40 Hz – 25 kHz
bas 2 x 4″ driver
high frequency 1 x 1″ driver to horn
efficiency 87 dB/1W/1m
impedance 6-8 Ohm
dimensions (hxwxd) without horn 320 x 360 x 150 mm
dimensions (hxwxd) with horn 1040 x 460 x 260 mm
weight 10 kg (+9 stand) 
capacity 100 W – 1000 W / 10 ms impulse
Price: Black Acrylic $11,750
Black Acrylic, with Stand $13,000
Maple $11,000
Maple, with Stand $12,250
Acapella SpeakersAcapella Fidelio