MAN 301

angle_man301_s 650pxPlayback of music files stored on a hard-disk or via streaming from the Internet has arrived at the audiophile’s home. The MAN301 network player is a Powerhouse in terms of features, versatility and sonic quality. Using the professionally maintained Gracenote database for meta data and cover art fetching, the MAN301 has a big edge over competing devices.

The MAN301 is an extremely versatile Music Archive manager and Network Player with an Apple® iPad remote control unit and e.g. a NAS type external storage medium. It is a system for music archiving, music library maintenance, music playback, CD ripping and playback, Internet radio streaming and more.

A complete MAN301 system consists of:

  • · The MAN301 Base Station.
  • · An external NAS (Net­work Attached Storage) device, typically a hard disk or an array of hard disks. This allows for virtually unlimited storage space for music files.
  • · An iPad device with the Weiss MAN app for remote control of the Base Station.
  • · A means of accessing the Internet by the Base Station for fetching CD cover art, CD meta data or for streaming music.