The way of listening.

Vici 373px hVenture is proud to introduce the latest 2013 innovation, the VICI.

The speaker towers are equipped with the new VENTURE 4" underhung woofer-midrange AGC (Abaca Graphite Composite) design, that forms a smooth transition with the 2" AGC tweeter.

As all VENTURE speakers, it is using first order crossover design.

Besides as a 2.1 system design (with the AW500 included), the VICI has also an option to be extended to a 2.2 design with an additional second AW500. On top, the VICI can also be used in a multichannel system, such as Home Theatre or Multichannel Audio System. The additional rear speaker will be coming out soon.

The compact an elegant cabinet design of the VICI, veneered with Ebony finish and side panels in Piano Black, makes a beautiful piece of furniture, easily complimenting the living room, while enjoying its live performance in an impressive soundstage.

Chosen as best sound at New York Audio AV Show 2013: - report on NY AV show 2013

                                           Frequency Response: 60-40,000 Hz
                                           Sensitivity: 90dB
                                           Impedence: 6 Ohm
                                           Recommended Power: Up to 200 Watts (no clipping)
                                           Break-in Time : 100 hrs min playing time
                                           Cabinet:  Ebony and Piano Black in  High Gloss