Star of the Ultimate Series

Ultimate medThe Ultimate speaker is a Star because it combines outstanding performance with a reasonable price tag. The Star uses all Abaca based graphite composite drivers (AGC) with the elegant C cabinet shape and a new crossover design.

The result is a speaker that is pitch perfect over the whole bandwidth with incredibly resolved tonal structures. The sound stage is large with a seemingly nonexistent noise floor and tightly focused images that can stand completely alone without any hint of inter-modulation between them.

The three Graphite Composite woofers utilize a newly designed voice coil that is responsible for bass that is powerful, very well resolved and reaches down to subterranean levels.

The whole combination of the 3 Abaca Graphite drivers delivers a rich natural sound that is coherent and beautifully believable

                                     Frequency Response: 26-40,000 Hz
                                     Sensitivity: 90dB
                                     Impedence: 6 Ohm
                                     Recommended Power: Up to 400 Watts (no clipping)
                                     Break-in Time : 100 hrs min playing time
                                     Drivers: One 1.5 inch Venture AGC Dynamic Tweeter
                                     One 5 inch  Venture CFGC  midrange Driver
                                    Three 7 inch Venture AGC Woofers
                                     Design: 3-way First Order Crossover
                                     Weight: Approximately 165 lbs
                                     Dimensions: 3ft7.7”H x 1ft.08”W x 1ft4.7”D
                                     Cabinet: Makasar Ebony veneer in Polyester High Gloss