Grand Ultimate MK II

The Cutting Edge

Grand_Ultimate_MKIImed1The Grand Ultimate is truly a wonderful sounding speaker that broke the ground for all the rest of the floorstanding speakers in the Ultimate Series, it will out resolve any other speaker on the market while eliminating all manner of inherent distortion with its Venture drivers.
Now it has been upgraded to the Grand Ultimate MK II, getting bigger in size and being equipped with the latest 7" CFGC underhung midrange, as used in the Xtreme and Ultimate Reference speakers.

The crossover has also been updated with better quality components to improve the microdynamics for better live performance.
The smallest changes in pitch and overtone structure can be heard, convincing that real voices and instrumental sounds are actually there.


       Frequency Response: 22-60,000 Hz
                                            Sensitivity: 92dB
                                            Impedence: 4 Ohm
                                            Recommended Power: Up to 400 Watts (no clipping)
                                            Break-in Time : 100 hrs playing time
                                            Drivers: One 2 inch Venture AGC  Full Range Dynamic Tweeter
                                            One 7 inch  Venture CFGC Underhung midrange
                                            Four 7 inch Venture CFGC Woofers
                                            Design: 3-way First Crossover Design
                                            Weight: Approximately 175 lbs
                                            Dimensions: 4ft5.9”H x 1ft1.14”W x 1ft7.3”D
                                            Cabinet: Ebony or Rosewood high Gloss lacquer