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encore med2The ENCORE gives you the traditional VENTURE command performance sound with a beautifully rich yet realistic sound.

The Encore speakers are equipped with the new 1.5" AGC tweeter, one 5" CFGC midrange driver and two 7" AGC woofers.

This complement of super high performance drivers will bring you the joy of real sounding music that will continue to put a smile of the face!

The cabinet is a sleep V-shape cabinet design, that has been the signature of previous Venture floorstanding speakers.

This is a cibinet that will become a wonderful piece of furniture art that lights up your home.


Frequency Response: 30-40,000 Hz
                                      Sensitivity: 87dB
                                      Impedence: 6 Ohm
                                      Recommended Power: Up to 300 Watts (no clipping)
                                      Break-in Time : 24 hrs min playing time
                                      Drivers: One 1.5 inch Venture AGC Dynamic Tweeter
                                      One 5 inch  Venture CFC  Driver
                                      Two 7 inch Venture AGC Woofers
                                      Design: 3-way First Order Crossover
                                      Weight: Approximately 132 lbs
                                      Dimensions: 3ft8”H x 12”W x 1ft3”D
                                      Cabinet: Mirror Polish Piano Black/White, Rosewood & Makasar Ebony                                                  veneer, all with Polyester High Gloss