Spiral Groove Strange Attractors

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In addition to their intended function, because they contain moving parts that vibrate, audio components can also be described as oscillators.  As a system, they become a chain of oscillators whose individual vibrations interact to create additional resonances that do not exist alone.All of this combines to degrade the sound.  Strange Attractors directly address this situation to create improvements that are significant and cumulative.

When a system has Strange Attractors properly installed, it is affected in 3 ways.  First, the individual components internal resonance behavior is reduced, as with turntable motor vibration or transformer hum.  Next, a component’s energy is not transferred to other components or the room, like when spiked speakers drive the floor they sit on.  And finally, the interactive resonance between components is reduced, as when components sit on the same furniture

What happens to the resonant energy?  When vibrations from CD transports, transformers, and loudspeakers enter the Strange Attractor, carefully shaped aluminum and graphite refract, dissipate, and reflect these vibrations off a sequence of boundaries.This puts the vibrations into a cycle of decreasing amplitude and rotating phase, ultimately transforming it to heat.

Not enough to heat a room, but enough to kill the resonance...When viewing the audio system as a series of coupled oscillators, it becomes clear that no "one trick pony" design can address all the sources of energy in a system.  There is both wide and narrow band, chaotic, random, and steady state energy either exiting or entering a component.  Different solutions are required to address different vibrational behaviors, so we developed different types of Strange Attractors.

The Universal model will most often be used under what we call “quiet” components.  By quiet, we are referring to those components that DO NOT have moving parts or traditional transformers. The top of the Universal Strange Attractor is flat, with a small dimple in the center so it can be used in a variety of positions.  For components such as solid-state preamplifiers, DAC’s, and amplifiers, the Universal can significantly lower the noise floor in the audio system, revealing finer resolution and dynamic range.  Often any hint of glare, even if not overtly present, is removed, giving the audio system a more natural sound.  The Universal will support 75 lbs. each; so do not let their small size fool you.  Strange Attractors are very effective even under the weight of a heavy and powerful mega-amp.  The Universal is $500 for a set of four.

The Strange Attractor model called the Attach is designed for loudspeakers, and features a 1/4 - 20 threaded stud to secure it to your loudspeaker. The benefit of applying the Attach to your speakers can be profound, and many listeners find that room problems they thought were insurmountable become insignificant.  The Attach is $500 for a set of four.

The model called the Decouple is a blend of traditional elastomer technology and Strange Attractor.  In the Decouple a Sorbothane layer provides low frequency attenuation. The Decouple is excellent under non-suspended turntables, such as those from our friends Rega, Music Hall, or Pro-Ject. When used under these tables, a very significant layer of noise is removed, more fully revealing their performance potential.  Much like turntables, CD Players, and Blu-ray Players benefit along with the components that share the equipment rack with them.  With the “noisy” component decoupled from the other components on the same rack, the whole audio system benefits.

The Decouple’s effectiveness is weight dependent, so we provide three sets of elastomer to accommodate different weight ranges.  The maximum weight a single Decouple can effectively accommodate is 16 lbs.  So, a set of 4 is good for components up to 64 pounds.  More than four can be used to accommodate more weight.  The Decouple is $600 for a set of four.