Spiral Groove Centroid Tonearm

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Structural rigidity and the efficient dissipation of unwanted mechanical energy are hallmarks of the Spiral Groove tonearm. Three criteria have determined our choice of tonearm materials: low mass, high strength, and the ability to transfer energy quickly away from the cartridge. Moreover, in order to give that energy somewhere to go, we have established a direct link between cartridge and mechanical ground. No other tonearm available today dispenses with wayward energy more effectively.

Optimal rigidity and the exceptionally fast transfer of energy from headshell to ground are just two of the reasons our tonearm delivers unsurpassed speed, dynamic energy, and tonal purity. Another is its overall balance. Unlike most other tonearm designers, we use advanced computer modeling to simulate the forces exerted on the arm as the cartridge tracks the record. Understanding these forces dynamically has enabled us to compensate for them mechanically. We call our approach Balanced Force Design™, and with it we have greatly improved tracking and optimized cartridge performance.

The Spiral Groove tonearm was designed not only to set new engineering standards but also to please users. Like Spiral Groove turntables, our tonearm is exceedingly user-friendly. In order to deliver their best performance, high-end cartridges require tonearms that facilitate precise alignment. On our tonearm, the overhang, VTA, azimuth, zenith, anti-skate control and tracking force are all easily adjustable. Our proprietary mirror setup gauge, included with each arm, makes adjustments easier still.


Balanced Force Design™ - modal analysis places center of mass at bearing point

Patented Counterweight design minimizes moment of inertia.

10” pivot-to-stylus distance

Matched Swiss sapphire cup jewel and hardened steel upper bearing

Zero tolerance Unipivot bearing design

Multi-layered, damped arm tube

Low mass, high strength aluminum/carbon fiber arm tube

High purity copper internal hyper-litz wiring

Overhang, VTA, Azimuth, Zenith, Anti-skate Tracking Force easily  adjustable

Precise mirror set-up gauge included