Spiral Groove Universal Centroid Tonearm

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The Centroid tonearm was only available on Spiral Groove turntables, but now customers looking for top level performance can install the Centroid on other brands of tables as well. The performance features and use of the Centroid tonearm are identical on both versions; only the mounting system is different.

A primary goal for a universal version of the Centroid was a system to accurately mount the tonearm to the turntable. Because cartridge alignment gauges rely on a specific pivot location, all tonearms must be precisely mounted to achieve accurate results with a gauge. With the Centroid mounted on a Spiral Groove turntable, the correct pivot point location is assured by us in manufacturing. This is difficult to achieve with turntables, tonearms and cartridges from different manufacturers. And, without correct installation, it is not possible to assemble a single high performance system.

For the Centroid Universal, we provide specific tools that do not require high mechanical skills to obtain this critical pivot location. These easy to use tools allow the pivot point height and distance to be accurately located and locked into place. We believe the Centroid is the only universal arm available that assures such precise positioning of the arm pivot point


Included tooling provides critical precision for spindle to pivot mounting.

 Does not require precise machine skills to achieve mounting accuracy.

Arm base mounts like a standard pivot tonearm.

Low weight design for use with suspended chassis turntables.