Synthesis Everest Home Theater or Two Channel Systems

jbl everest 400pxOf those who seek perfection in sound reproduction, only a handful have actually achieved it. It is a rare occurrence when an individual or group is able to triumph over the constraints of technological reality just once.

At JBL, this has happened eight times. In each case, our engineers were told to build the speaker system they had always wanted to build. Whatever resources were required would be available. Thus began an ongoing investigation into new frontiers of sound reproduction, beginning in 1950 and continuing to the present day.

The products that have resulted from this venture are now known as the JBL Project loudspeakers. Each represents the absolute peak of every technological, material and engineering innovation available at that time, combined into a single system. They are Hartsfield, Paragon, Project Everest DD55000, Everest DD66000, K2 S9500/7500, K2 S5500, K2 S9800 and K2 S5800.

The newest is Project Everest DD67000. Three Project Everest DD67000 speakers in front of you, eight SK2-3300 surrounds and four 18-inch S1S-EX subwoofers, powered by no fewer than eleven S820 amplifiers, create the most realistic and inspiring system JBL Synthesis has ever designed. Hearing is believing.


Synthesis® Everest is a 11.4 multichannel cinema/music system that is suitable for rooms sized approximately from 3,500 ft3 to 100,000 ft3.

Electronic Components Include: (1) SDP-40HD, (11) S820, (1) SDEC-4500, (1) S4500XLRIC

Loudspeaker Components Include: (3) DD67000, (8) SK2-3300, (4) S1S-EX (Less)RELATED PRODUCTS

Everest DD67000