Helix 1 Design Team

Helix 1 450px wbMark Döhmann – Systems ArchitectMark is recognised for continuously developing analog systems having been a staunch advocate of the core technology since the early 1980’s. He has a well-respected track record in innovation and design of advanced turntables and tonearms of the highest calibre since 1982. He generates original ideas and understands the influence these innovations have on the sonic result.

Mark created the Micro Signal Architecture© design for the Helix 1 table which formed the underlying directive to each of the engineering teams.

In 2012 Mark experienced firsthand the use of Chladni plate analysis in the creation of bespoke stringed instruments by a world renowned luthier. Mark was impressed by the luthier’s mastery of his art and recognised the potential for the same techniques to be used in deriving the sonic attributes of a turntable. This “eureka” moment opened a whole new panorama of creativity and new tools for turntable design.

In 2013 with an introduction from Rumen Artarski he approached Dr Plamen Valtchev to build a software model to use the Chladni “method” and verify and predict eigen modes in a new design.

The Helix 1 is a bold new direction in turntable design and the core knowledge gained during the development process will be expanded upon into allied components in the near future.

Mark originated the tight integration of NSM technology into the Helix 1 design with Dr David Platus from MinusK. The engineering team constructs each mechanism from exacting specifications needed for the Mechanical Crossover to function as designed. The end result is a customised NSM system capable of consistent laboratory grade integration of the technology into every table we manufacture.

Rumen Artarski – Executive Director of Engineering and MarketingRumen aka “Cesar”, the Director of Engineering, has well established international credentials in the audio and video industry. His journey started with an Electrical Engineering degree from University of Denmark before working in UK (London) in several high end recording studios as an engineer and studio designer. As a successful entrepreneur in many industries; including clients in aerospace, defence, and big budget film and television it was only natural for Rumen to return his focus to his true passion for music.

Rumen is the key integrator and facilitator of the engineering team used for the integration and application of the “mechanical crossover” and Micro Signal Architecture© directives. His collaborative efforts successfully incorporated the subassemblies, motion control systems and drive technologies; all possible noise sources that exceeded the MSA specification. His patience, knowledge, effective communication skills and commitment to our customers is the key factor in the successful development of the Helix 1.

Frank Schröder – Analog DesignerFrank is one of the most respected analog designers of his generation and one of the industry’s true gentlemen. His immense knowledge of audio history of the audio art provides insight into the genesis of ideas and who they should be rightly attributed to. He has designed several impressive analog systems in his own right and his tonearms are among the most sought after in the market. He holds patents for his technologies and is a regular visitor to Audio Union’s main European manufacturing hub.

The CB tonearm is generating industry discussions as being one of the finest tracking arms ever made. The bearing system offers lower friction numbers lower than even the venerated Technics EPA-100. Sonically, the CB it is a musical masterpiece.

His contributions to the Helix project include advanced magnetic pre-loading systems and the ingenious arm bearing design. The Helix 1 is evidence of Audio Union’s ability to collaborate effectively to attain our lofty goal, restoration of “High Fidelity”.

Lee Gray – Industrial DesignerLee is one of the rising stars in the Audio engineering community having penned several award winning industrial designs. The look of the Helix 1 table is a testament to his abilities, aesthetics and integration skills. He is part of the Audio-Union consulting team.

Bo Christensen– Industrial Designer Bo is one of the most acclaimed creative designers in the Audio industry having penned several award winning iconic designs with Primare and Bow Technologies as well as other commercial brands. Bo was part of the genesis of the Audio Union team and provides his considerable master skills to guide the aesthetic values.

Stanislav Stoyanov – Mechanical EngineeringStanislav is a graduate of the European and Russian Aeronautical engineering schools and holds qualifications in advanced engineering disciplines, science and advanced metallurgy. He heads up the mechanical engineering team at Rumen’s facility and oversees the many millions of dollars of CNC and surface finishing technology. He continues to work on projects for advanced projects and contracts for NATO and Lufthansa Technik for commercial aeronautical projects. This means the Audio Union products are able to access the best systems for quality manufacture and repeatability. Full CMM and Quality Assurance systems ensure parts are built to best practice.

Dr. Plamen Ivanov Valtchev – Engineering ConsultantPlamen is a senior technology contributor to Audio Union and the Helix project. He is an expert in the use of advanced software visualisation, FEA modelling and acoustics. In a jointly owned facility with Rumen Artarski our CEO, Audio Union has access to the most advanced test and measurement equipment. Plamen developed new software driven tools for the Chladni plate analysis methodology and also worked on the physical test models.

Dr David Platus – Vibration specialist and Founder of MinusKDavid is one of the most respected designers in the field of vibration isolation and holds numerous patents in the field. A close association with Dr Platus led to the design of a new custom low frequency isolation system for the Helix 1 table. This technology is a world first for a turntable project.

Thomas Kleinbeck - Mechanical EngineeringTom is one of the guiding forces behind the EnKlein Systems company and hails from Kansas City MO. He is a senior mechanical engineer and advanced fabrication specialist. He holds numerous patents for engineering innovations and aeronautical technology. Everyday people travel safely whilst relying on some of Tom’s inventions. Tom was highly trained by the US government in technology during his tenure in the armed services and this broad experience means the Helix 1 is built to most exacting standards and achieves high reliability. Tom works closely with Mark to ensure the conceptual world is translated into reality. He provides engineering services to the European team at Audio Union and coverage to our Support team in USA and Asia/PAC.

David Kleinbeck – Director Audio Union International David is the founding member of EnKlein Systems and also hails from Kansas City MO. David is one of the world’s leading RF/EMI/Transmission engineering consultants. He holds a BSECE, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from University of Missouri-Columbia. David has worked for several US Government agencies in various technical capacities before joining the commercial sector with Fluor Daniel, Nortel Networks, Sprint and most recently K&M Systems as VP Research and Development. He holds several patents and is regularly consulted by global telecommunications companies for technology initiatives.

David provided the electronic and RF shielding topology for the Helix 1 to ensure the Micro Signal Architecture© extended across the electrical and RF spectrum.

David also heads up Audio Union International the USA based Head Office and provides technical, business and corporate governance to the business to allow our USA customers access to quality business support and services.