Custom Audio Stand

MXRcustom_4wideCustom MXR-1921-3V in four wide configuration, premium gloss black finish

Harmonic Resolution Systems is well known for its ability to manufacture reference level audio stands. We also do a wide range of custom work for our customers. This includes custom frame configurations and finishing services for our MXR Audio Stand Frames and custom designed M3 Isolation Bases for a wide range of components.

Custom MXR in premium birds eye maple personally selected by our chief engineer
MXR front 320px w maple
Harmonic Resolution Systems also works with a number of different retail agents, OEMs, and Distributors to build custom models specifically for their products needs. You will find a list of custom M3 Isolation Bases and examples of our custom MXR Audio Stand frames systems in this section of our web site. Please contact Harmonic Resolution or one of our
certified sales agents if you need assistance with your custom project.

custom MXR Close 320px w
Close up of MXR solid brace inserts and custom M3 isolation base for large high mass turntable

The image above shows you how HRS can properly isolate very large and heavy components. The solid brace inserts raise the isolation base above the frame so it can expand in size. It also allows for increased isolation stage capacity for very heavy components. This feature can be added to any MXR frame system.

MXR angle 320px w maple

MXR 4V double wide frame in premium birds eye maple finish with custom isolation base for large turntable. Left side of stand is STD 21"w x 19"d and right side is custom 23"w x 19"d

The above system shows how HRS can vary the shelf size from one bay to the next to accommodate equipment of different sizes. This type of configuration can be done for over 19" and 17" shelf depths. It is available in 3, 4 or 5 bay high designs. This type of design can be expanded to any number of bays required to hold all equipment in the system.

MXR close angle 320px w maple
The above image shows a close up custom M3-1923 isolation bases into right side of MXR to give customer 23" of shelf width.

MXR-1921-4V shown in custom premium silver paint to match speaker color

All of MXR audio stands can be custom painted to a specific color to match or highlight your decorating preference or the color of your speaker system.