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Exquisite Handcrafted Cables Made in the USA


David Interconnect

Zephyr Interconnect

Amorphora Phono

Enklein David 300px
The “David” analog interconnect is our new hallmark cable design bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system. The cable incorporates two of our new design concepts;
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Enklein Zephry Interconnect 300px w
The Zephyr brings new meaning of price versus performance; the listening panel all choose the Zephyr over highly advertised cables costing 5 x the price! more info


Enklein Amphora 300px
We are proud to introduce our first phono cable. The “Amphora”, constructed of pure fine silver conductors with silver RCA terminations.
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David Power Cable

Zephyr Power Cable

TReK USB Cable

David power cord 300px w half
The David Power Cord builds on the excellence of the Taurus platform. Incorporated is our groundbreaking Electromagnetic Interposition Shielding System (aka "Dragon Skin").
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Photo coming soon 300px
David technology and innovation used in this series: • Electro-Magnetic Interposition Shielding System (EMISS) • Bi-directional noise dissipation.
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EnkleinTReK_USB 300px
The TReK was designed as a no holds barred ultra-performance USB cable. The TReK incorporates two new design concepts: Dragon Skin shielding, a multi-layer electrical insulator, and a new connector pin design. more info


David Speaker Cable

Zephyr Speaker Cable

Orion Digital

David speaker cables 300px
The “David” speaker cable is our new hallmark cable design bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system. more


Photo coming soon 300px
The Zephyr II analog speaker cable is our new cable design built upon the bespoke DAVID cabling system technology. more


Enklein Orion_AES_stone 300px
The Orion AES/SPDIF digital ultra-high performance cable is specifically designed to conduct a digital signal through a cable with BNC, RCA, or XLR terminations. more



Power Issues

EnKlein has a different approach to cables, we don’t alter the signal with a filter or bias the dielectric material, instead, we believe in protecting the signal from itself and the environment. Our external shielding method utilizes a proprietary network to minimize the effects of external noise from power cords, appliances, Click here for more


The shielding method employed in EnKlein products is passive and not within the signal path. The shield acts as an extension of the metallic casing used for high end audio equipment.
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The average consumer does not have "clean" power supplied to their home and cannot
readily measure the quality. Household electronics, air conditioners, lighting and other appliances add

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