Zephyr Speaker Cables

Photo coming soon 300pxThe Zephyr II analog speaker cable is our new cable design built upon the bespoke DAVID  cabling system technology. The Zephyr brings new meaning of price versus performance; the  listening panel all choose the Zephyr over highly advertised cables costing 5 x the price! They  simply convey more information and spatial ques in a very musical manner. David technology and innovation used in this series: • Electro-Magnetic Interposition Shielding System (EMISS) • Bi-directional noise dissipation. The signal conductors are a solid copper and silver hybrid for both the RCA and XLR versions. Common cable interactions, that create compression, signal loss and environmental noise is  controlled by a unique asymmetrical length based geometry and the passive dissipation  system. This method reduces the signal distortion and interactions, inherent in all cables,  resulting in extraordinary preservation of the signal. Don’t be fooled that all cables are transparent or used as coloration “tone control” in the  playback systems. Cables in the professional environment for signal processing are chosen for  characteristics including; coloration, impedance, low impulse response (smooth over  transients), even compression. They do not use “colored” cables for mastering. The result is a cable with PRAT that clearly identifies the Zephyr as a member of the David  family. Performance once reserved for studios and ultra-high end is available starting at $1,795  USD.