TReK USB Cable

EnkleinTReK_USBThe TReK was designed as a no holds barred ultra-performance USB cable. The TReK incorporates two new design concepts: Dragon Skin shielding, a multi-layer electrical insulator, and a new connector pin design. The Dragon Skin shielding concept protects the signal from EMI in the environment across a wide spectrum, from very low to high frequencies. The shielding is multi-layered thin film creating an extremely effective EMI barrier. The conductors are sealed in an electrical insulator comprised of a multi-layered composite designed to minimize the effects of mechanical vibration on the signal. This approach reduces jitter and wander. The last design innovation of the TReK is the fabrication of the data pins of the connector from the silver conductors of the cable. Fabricating the connector pins from the conductor eliminates the junction between the signal conductors and the connector pins which inherently improves signal conduction. Elimination of pin/conductor interfaces, the Dragon Skin shielding concept, and the proprietary electrical insulator topology yields an extraordinary high performance USB cable.