The shielding method employed in EnKlein products is passive and not within the signal path. The shield acts as an extension of the metallic casing used for high end audio equipment. Within the audio equipment, power and signal paths are controlled by the designer. The same requirements are needed for the externally exposed portion of the signal path in any audio system, the cables!

We have taken our engineers experience in developing thin film shielding materials, power generation, signal transmission, and grounding technology adapting these for use in the analog and digital audio frequency ranges. The method is simple; "control, transform and dissipate the energy". Enklein uses a multi-layer thin film approach to shielding which is integrated with the electrical insulators to achieve an extremely low noise floor and eliminate or reduce cable resonance.

Forward Feed Shielding


Enklein is the leader in “Forward Feed Shielding” technology (patent pending); which reduces or eliminates electromagnetic interference (EMI) by dissipating shield energy collected by the shielding network through a proprietary shield energy dissipation controller. By using a forward feeding shield energy dissipation design, EMI, distortion, and signal variations are dissipated to ground by a method which does not influence the signal.


Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin is a revolutionary shielding development which further enhances our approach to high tech shielding. The Dragon Skin concept is a 4 part shield topology using; “Super Metals” alloys of Cobalt and Nickel, aluminum, copper, and steel. Dragon Skin electromagnetic shielding protects the signal from outside EMI and reduces EMI generated by the cable itself. Eliminating or reducing the electromagnetic influence between cables reduces the noise floor introduced by the cables of an audio system. Each layer is specifically designed for each cable type to perform a specific task, and when added together creates an extremely effective electromagnetic barrier.

With the noise reduction/elimination from external appliances, and reactance between the cables lowered; the music has an environment to survive transmission from one component to another without alteration.