EnKlein has a different approach to cables, we don’t alter the signal with a filter or bias the dielectric material, instead, we believe in protecting the signal from itself and the environment. Our external shielding method utilizes a proprietary network to minimize the effects of external noise from power cords, appliances, and interaction between the signal bearing conductors themselves. The result is the top to bottom balance and other characteristics common to all EnKlein cables.

Our products are derived from materials primarily manufactured in the U.S.A. We utilize type 1 and type 2 long grain, oxygen free copper and fine Silver for our internal conductors.

The connectors are made in the USA, Japan, Australia and Germany. We have tested many products for the final termination to determine the best in class manufacturers. The design of the connector is crucial in the transition from the conductors to the equipment in keeping the source audio signal uncorrupted; therefore EnKlein uses the best possible connectors in each product grade.

Our studies of RCA type connectors has shown pure copper base with fine silver or gold plating connectors outperform brass connectors and other copper alloy metals by a large factor.

Research with XLR's has shown pure, non- magnetic, eutectic billet brass or solid copper with, rhodium over Silver plated connectors to be best in class for top line equipment.

All silver conductors used with EnKlein products are 99.99% pure with low oxygen content. The handling and construction of each piece is a meticulous process. Each EnKlein product is hand crafted in the U.S.A.