David Power Cord

David power cord 675px wThe David Power Cord builds on the excellence of the Taurus platform. Incorporated is our groundbreaking Electromagnetic Interposition Shielding System (aka "Dragon Skin"). This new noise reduction method results in power supplies working less to deliver the music. This is highly audible in amplifiers where the significant reduction in noise increases the amount of actual music amplified . The black background of the David power cord unleashes previously hidden emotional content to draw the listener into the music. This meets a primary goal of the David series cabling; exact the fine nuances the artist is conveying within the performance. The current carrying conductors are made from 37 strand silver plated copper in a 10 gauge bundle coated with a thick layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Our studies have shown that PTFE is not only a high performance dielectric; it's extremely low coefficient of friction aids in intra mechanical vibration reduction within the cable assembly.
• beryllium copper base metal connectors with a coating of platinum
• final protective coating of pure palladium
• enclosing shell is made from PBT insulating thermoplastic
• 15 and 20 amp IEC connections are available for your equipment termination
• Mains connections available include : US, SCHUKO, AU/NZ, and UK