Acapella High Violoncello MKII

High Violoncello MK II lgThe Acapella High Violoncello MK II is a new development of Acapella. By the increased volume of playback, to further substantial gains in the low frequency contour. The cabinet has become even more massive than the High Violon, with a total weight of 308 lbs per speaker. Through its novel approach, the woofers are dynamically adapted to the high speeds of the mid-range horn unit and the ion tweeter.

The ion tweeter used today is the fastest high frequency transmission system in the world. It is operating without any mass and the upper range of the high frequencies can only be limited by the manufacturer himself. Bandwidth normally is adjusted to 40Khz approx. This extraordinary bandwidth is providing an extremely precise reproduction of any kind of music. Even in the lowest frequencies you can feel exact modulation of the overtones. Fine adjustments to the ion tweeter and the midrange horn unit can be made in order to adapt the loudspeaker to every acoustical environment.

“Fantastic finish, excellent sound reproduction, finest audio measurements: High Violoncello II combines the charm of a horn loudspeaker with the virtues of conventional loudspeakers”.

Technische Daten

Maße Korpus: 154 x 40 x 55 cm
Maße über alles: 162 x 47 x 69 cm
Gewicht: 140 kg
Dauerbelastbarkeit: 100 W
Impulsbelastbarkeit: 1000 W