Click here for  MonoStereo’s superbly written review on the Thrax Orpheus phono preamplifier


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Our move to Nevada and desire to build the ultimate showroom is complete. Thank you Swedish company SMT and Jeremy of Accurate Construction. The results are well beyond our expectations. In this state of the art showroom we have a complete Thrax Audio system and the amazing Helix 1 turntable by Mark Dohman. Click here for our  testimony


p_Ares01 350pxEnclosed in a single chassis is a complete audiophile system with the sound you want and the features you need. The ensemble features two true mono power amplifiers 120 watts, with independent power supplies based on a new concept in solid state amplification. Plus you can get a multibit DAC, an Upsampler, a Network player, a Phono preamplifier all in a single box. Each designed to work with the other in the most optimal way.  More


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